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International Honours - Colin Skellett

Colin SkellettWe have great pride in announcing that our Welwyn Phoenix club member and Hertfordshire County Captain Colin Skellett, has been selected to join the GB Rifle Team to tour Canada in 2016.

Many of you will appreciate that a selection process for GB Touring teams takes place far in advance of the event. In October 2015, Lindsay Peden, Captain of the GB Rifle Team to Canada & USA in August 2016, named his touring team members.

Our own Colin Skellett was selected to represent his nation in this tour and from that day forth will always carry the GB shoulder flash on his shooting jacket.

In all things we do, most of us aspire to achieve excellence. Many get great satisfaction just in reaching goals moderated by personal ability but few reach the pinnacle of the ultimate target.

In sport, this target is often a recognition in selection to represent your nation in a GB Team and this is Colin’s reward for his long term dedication to shooting at Club and County level.

From a WPRC standpoint as one of the Junior Clubs within the NRA, we can be immensely proud in offering our congratulations and support to Colin in his well-earned achievement.

The results coming back from the USA and Canada in the first three weeks of August will be eagerly awaited and all of his friends at Welwyn Phoenix RC wish him every success.

View progress and results at:

Captains Day and Teams Challenge Shield 2015
29th March 2015

Despite a March date this year and an unfavourable forecast, this traditional opener to the County shooting season again attracted excellent numbers, with 20 competitors entering the individual Captains Day competition shot over Queen’s I rules.
The numbers were swelled for the afternoon Club Teams event with five Clubs providing 30 shooters.
Weather was drizzling, cold and windy at the start of the day; but little did we know what was to unfold later.

Individual Captains Day Prize Competition

Shot at 300, 500 and 600 yards, Captains Day offers a handicapped format enabling improving shooters to pit their skills against internationals and regular County team members. Prizes are also available for Top Gun scores without handicap.

WPRC fielded a squad of six and as conditions worsened in strengthening wind we progressed to the 600 yard detail, where by10:30 wind variations of between 3 and 7 minutes were recorded between shots.

Blown out by noon, the cream had risen to the top and results were announced, with a most pleasing 2nd place for Jonathan Binks, our new recruit in 2014. Well done Jon, the pride of the Club remains intact.
Captains Day Prize - Handicap competition

Ian Ashworth         North Herts Rifles    Placed 1st                 
Jonathan Binks        WPRC                     Placed 2nd
Andy Daw               Watford  
              Placed 3rd

In the Gun Score competition running concurrently, the top three places were a close run thing, with GB Palma team member Andy Daw just pipping our Nick Verduyn to top spot.

Top Gun Score

Andy Daw         Watford                      Placed 1st     102.12
Nick Verduyn    WPRC                        Placed 2nd     101.11

Full results can be viewed on the following link: 
Click on What’s New and Captains Day Result

Herts Clubs Teams Challenge Shield

Following the successful morning program, five full Club teams of six shooters assembled in the afternoon to shoot over a planned 300 and 600 yards course of fire. Because of worsening conditions we had already elected to shoot the two details at 600 yards and avoid a lengthy range change. But just before the start at 13:45 and already in wind conditions that made it hard to stand upright, we changed the competition yet again to just one detail of 2 sighters and 15 to count. 

Shooters battled to manage the buffeting effects of wind now reading between 5 and 9 minutes but with gusts way off the scale. Our wind coaches Colin Skellett and Nick Verduyn clutched at hats and score cards and measured wind strength by the degree that flagpoles were bending! As we neared the end of the match, which was to take almost 3 hours to shoot the six details, the last shot was fired one minute before the hooter thankfully sounded at 16:30.

All agreed that the experience was amazing and for some, who after 50 years of shooting at Bisley, the conditions had been unique.

We had a result however and remarkably the team scores were very close. For the 9th time in the past 10 years WPRC had again prevailed with a win by 2 points over a continuously improving NHR.

Team results with scores ex 450 were as follows:

Welwyn Phoenix       354.14           Colin Skellett            63.2
North Herts Rifles    352.10            Ian Ashworth            64.3
Old Berkhamstedians 347.9             Phil Wilcoxson         62.2
Old Haberdashers     343.9              Tom Harrison            67.1
Watford OCA           331.10            Andy Daw                 67.5

Top Gun in the afternoon to take the individual prize was Andy Daw with 67.5

WPRC Team was:
Colin Skellett (Captain)                             
Nick Verduyn
John Cade                                       
Ashley Coleman-Cooke                            
Jonathan Binks
Bob Jackson                                                


New County Captain for Hertfordshire Rifle Association

It is with great pleasure and pride that we can announce that Colin Skellett has accepted the post of Captain of the County Association. He takes over from the legendary Dick Winney after his 25 years of loyal and selfless service.

Colin has been a very active member of WPRC over many years and has taken all the honours at both Club and County level. He currently shares the highest number of County Championship wins with John Cade and Nick Verduyn, both also incidentally current members of WPRC.

Congratulations Colin, we look forward to supporting you in your new role.

Welwyn Phoenix Rifle Club in 2015

Our 2015 season opens on 15th March and we again will be actively recruiting new members to improve our strength in depth. Shooting over distances from 300 to 1000 yards is planned.

Guests as always will enjoy their shooting with the club in an active and encouraging environment.

In our program for 2015 we offer ten Club shoots, six of which will be designated for guests to attend.

In 2015 WPRC have continued to excel in both Individual and Team performance as can be seen by reference to other articles in this website.

Guest Shoots

Welwyn Phoenix is very pleased to offer their facilities to all those interested in full bore rifle shooting. The invitation can be extended to complete novices, where careful training and skills coaching is provided and also to accomplished target shooters who are either considering a change of Clubs or possibly interested in trying out Full Bore shooting in addition to their existing discipline.

Our shoots take place in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere at a moderate cost. Safety issues are the first priority as always, particularly with guests who may not be familiar with our range procedures.

We meet in the car park behind the NRA offices at 0810am for a pre-shoot briefing and collection of equipment. Shooting starts at 0830. If visitors arrive slightly later, they need to find us on the ranges, details of which are posted on the notice board outside the NRA Range Office.

Details of our shoots can be found in the Shooting Program and range details can be found on the NRA website. Follow the links from the left of this page.

Applications to join us as a guest must be received at latest 21 days prior to the event. See further details on these Visitor Days here >>>

Next Guest Shoots

The 2015 program is announced and approved by NRA. Please refer to shooting program for more details.

Welwyn Phoenix Rifle Club’s Child Protection Policy

The NRA has advised all their associated clubs regarding the management of young people under their care during Club activities. They have advised us that we must meet the requirements of the NRA Child Protection Policy CP1 currently in force and have provided us with the full documentation enabling the clubs officers responsible for training young people to be fully aware of their responsibilities.

All relevant club officers have been provided with this document and following a Committee Meeting on 19 November 2009, it was agreed that WPRC would appoint a Child Protection Officer to meet the needs of CP1, if minors were joining in Club shooting activities.

An experienced Club officer volunteered his services in this respect as he had similar experience previously with the Scouting movement. He has subsequently been appointed as Club Child Protection Officer.

Welwyn Phoenix RC are very pleased to announce that they meet the requirements of the current NRA Child Protection Policy CP1 and are happy to continue accommodating minors at Club Guest Shoots, where they can take advantage of 1:1 training of the highest quality.






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